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Underbelly is A one woman surrealist physical comedy featuring: monsters, dismemberment, shower opera, inconceivable truths, and a hot date. Join this multi-award winning physical comedian  in her bathroom to untangle the age old question of perception and reality in love and life. Through physical comedy, clown, puppetry, magic, and live video, “Underbelly is a chance to see an expert clown at work.” - Liz Nicholes

"Nayana is a top tier performer who makes the impossible seem inevitable" BT Reviews Edmonton


AWARDS -Fringe of the Fringe Award Orlando 2023Techy- Tech Award Orlando 2022 UPCOMEING Dates- Summer tour 2023Calgary Fringe- August 4-12Edmonton Fringe August 17-17Vancouver Fringe September 7-16LUNA Festival September 23/24

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