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This workshop is an invitation to expand and develop play and personal presence. It is an opportunity to bring more awareness to the detail of sensation, our senses, and how we connect to our environment and one another with an a-tuned aliveness. Through a series of experiential awareness building games and exercises, we will cultivate curiosity, explore emotional and expressive range, loosen our perceptions, and practice the bravery of sharing our willingness and openness. Through following the body and our impulses, we can be in delight with the discovery of the moment. 

Whats so funny?!?!


In this workshop we will:

*Laugh A LOT

*Practice being seen and seeing

*Work with our agency in emotional range 

*Practice simplicity and honesty to uncover in what is funny

*Work both solo and ensemble 

*Explore extension of impulse to become familiar  with the edges of what is possible

*Play with heightened moments to cultivate honest responsiveness 

*Work with tempo, rhythm, space, tensegrity, image and form to gain agency in the body as a tool

*Access tools for generating content 



Perfect for performers and non-performers, dancers, actors, musicians, storytellers, and anyone interested in building their personal presence and sensory awareness in performance and everyday life! Taught in English with Gibberish subtitles.


"If I were a fool, I'd know exactly what to do"

Nayana has studied extensively with many teachers including: David MacMurray Smith, Deanna Fleysher (of Butt Kapinski) , John Turner (of Mump and Smoot), and Ruth Zaporah (Action Theatre). Nayana has been teaching for over a decade both internationally and throughout Canada.


I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of working with Nayana. What she creates is more than just clowning — it is a container through which you can see your life and the world in a new way (which includes a lot of laughing). If you’re on the fence about doing this workshop, I encourage anyone and everyone to take the leap. You won’t regret it.  


As part of a one on one mentorship, she coached a clown turn creation and my clown teaching
practice and shared her perspectives and teachings on deep clown psychology. She also
experimented with me with a tiny zygote idea I had around clowning in nature, facilitated
several clown workshops that I attended, and looked at my clown turn video after a challenging
performance. During the mentorship, I felt seen, safe, and supported. I found her to be flexible,
kind, honest, and a master of her craft. 

Dr. Megan Hyslop (PhD) in Nature and Clown

We really appreciated working with Nayana. It was exciting to see her passion and experience transfer into meaningful and direct lessons and opportunities. 

Nayana was able to facilitate very strong and playful solo, small group and ensemble work built on awareness, listening and responsiveness.

Nayana has left us with several retainable, lessons and examples that will continue to be useful as our work evolves.

Jason Donaldson

Theatre Arts
Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts

I really appreciated the deep dive into the world of clowning and really appreciate the way you welcomed me into the world and really felt from you permission to go as deep as I was able.


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